Thursday, March 19, 2009

Post Your Book on Amazon's Kindle, but Promote It

By Anthony S. Policastro

If you have written a book, you can now post it on Amazon's Kindle eBook reader for free. A simple four-step process is all it takes and within 12 to 72 hours your book will be on the Kindle right next to James Patterson, John Grisham, and other literary luminaries.

Amazon's Digital Text Platform allows anyone to post a book if you have never published before with or without an ISBN number. Amazon will assign your book its own tracking number called an ASIN number.

The best part of listing your book with the Kindle is that you are free to set your own price and Amazon will give you 35 percent of your sale price even if they discount the price on their site. I listed my thriller,Dark End of the Spectrum, for $5.99 and Amazon discounted it to $4.79. Amazon will still pay me 35 percent of the $5.99.

The other great feature is that your book can be found globally on Amazon.com. Just put in your name or title in the search field and your book will come up just as if you searched for Nicholas Sparks or War and Peace.

While Amazon has not released the number of Kindle owners, another advantage to listing is that people who purchased the $359 Kindle are avid readers so you have a devoted, captive audience. But don't get excited yet, the hard part is promoting your book.

With more than 240,000 titles on the Kindle and growing every hour, your book might as well be a grain of sand on the California coast. The Kindle does not list new releases as a separate category and ranks books by their sales on Kindle. When you go to the book list the current best sellers come up first. I listed my book in the suspense and thrillers category and soon learned my title was among 2,420 listed there. The other disadvantage is that you cannot go to the last page of the listing on the Kindle nor can you see titles listed by publication date.

You can search Kindle books on Amazon.com by category, price, publication date, customer reviews and bestsellers, but you will not find your book easily. I searched my title by category and publication date – the most common search metrics among readers looking for a new book and found the dates out of sequence and a large number of advanced releases in front of my publication date.

The other search method is by the search tags you assign your book, but this too is daunting since the search will pull up thousands of titles with the same tags. The best thing to do is put your name in as a search tag. This will filter out just your books.

Despite these drawbacks, it is better to list your book on the Kindle format. I've had some sales with little or not promotion. So get the word out.

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Anonymous said...

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Admin said...

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Ihsir bhutani said...

Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestions - very helpful. Quick question : Does Amazon allow writers to distribute promo coupons for their books that can be redeemed at the time of checkout - Amazon can reduce my commissions to cover the promo price-off

robert stephen higgins said...

I know what the author, editors and graphic artists do to create the product but can think of little that Amazon does to make it available for purchase. Yet Amazon claims 65% of the purchase price while the creators get only 35%. Is that fair?

Jack Cameron said...

The big name publishers only give authors 17.5% for their digital rights. And if you price your book at $2.99-$9.99, Amazong gives you 70%.

Mags Cummings said...

Thanks for your tips - my husband John Cummings has just published a Kindle book called The Colour Of Lies. It's a great read but so hard to promote.

Anonymous said...

I have also published two books, one called Hordes and one called Story of Enchantment on Kindle, and find that marketing the books are the most difficult part!