How to Hook an Agent on your Work and the Wildergibra

By Anthony S. Policastro

No matter how much information you find on a particular agent, they seem to be a mysterious bunch, especially when you think your novel idea is a perfect match for one of them and they send you a rejection letter.

Well, the mystery is no more after you read Therese Walsh's blog on Writer Unboxed, "Agents and the First Two Pages" about the Wildergibra of the publishing business.

She recently attended and Backspace Agent/Author Conference last week in New York City and she was gracious enough to share the gems from the conference in her blog. She writes about the first two pages of your manuscript and what it should and should not contain.

Here are some of the valuable tips she got out of the conference:
  1. Make your prose unique
  2. Polish your voice
  3. Make us care about your characters
  4. Don't jar the reader with overlong or complex sentence structures, strange word choices, inappropriate language
  5. Nix the backstory
  6. Reconsider your prologue - they tend to slow the pace down
  7. Be careful with your poetic writing
  8. Minimize description
  9. Do you homework on the agent(s)

I highly recommend taking a look at the piece. I found it enlightening in debunking some of the mystery surrounding agents. After all, they are people, too just looking for the next Holy Grail for the publishing industry.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link. It looks like an interesting and educational piece and I look forward to reading it again later when I have a little more time. I just found this post via BlogRush!