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Burn, Which, Burn!

By Richard CurtisOf the million ways that digital technology has impacted on publishing, one that has not been noted to my knowledge is the significance of manuscript submissions online.Only a few years ago, the only procedure for submission of manuscripts by authors and agents was US mail or, in urgent cases, courier or messenger.Emailing manuscripts as attachments unless expressly requested by editors was a breach of protocol to say nothing of good manners.Two or three years ago that changed.Though unsolicited material was still prohibited, email submissions by recognized authors and agents were accepted, and today this practice is commonplace.But until the introduction of the Sony E-Book Reader and the Amazon Kindle, editors receiving emailed manuscripts printed them out and read them in the traditional way – on paper.Agents and authors rejoiced because the cost and bother of printing and mailing manuscripts was shifted to publishers.And though publishers bore these burdens stoical…

A Market for Your Book

By Anthony S. Policastro
You have arrived! Your book is scheduled for publication or it is already on the shelves in bookstores all over the country. You couldn’t be happier.The publisher has set up a national tour for book signings and the marketing of your work. This is now the hardest part of being an author – promoting your work.With more than 170,000 new titles published each year by traditional publishers and over 100,000 print-on-demand titles, you’ll have to do something pretty drastic to garner attention to your work.What you do have going for you is your genre. Your genre will attract its own fan base and this is your market. I recently attended a book signing at Quail Ridge Books here in Raleigh, NC by Carolyn Hart for her just released book, DEATH WALKED IN, her 19th murder mystery series and her fortieth book.As I took my seat, I counted the number of people in the audience. There were 28 including myself. Out of the 28, only four were men, two were with another female (pr…