Top Ten Things Agents and Editors Hate

By Anthony S. Policastro

The other day I ran across an interesting post of a post by Joe Wikert on his blog, Joe Wikert's 2020 Publishing Blog about another post from Rick Frishman on the ten top things agents and editors hate. (I often vist Joe's blog - he almost always has interesting information about publising and writing.) The list is from Rick Frishman's and Robyn Spizman's "AUTHOR 101: Best Selling Secrets from Top Agents."

The first one was that writers often claim there is no competition for their book.

This blew me away. With millions of titles on Amazon, tens of thousands of eBook sites, more than 100,000 titles at any given time in the big box book stores how can anyone make that statement and be sane. Even if they narrowed it down to their genre or subject we are still talking about tens of thousands of similar books and subjects.

No matter what your subject is or your genre there is always competition. What you have to do is determine your market and promote your work so the market finds your work and buys it.

Be sure to take a look at the rest of the list on Joe Wikert's blog - his comments are valuable and read the full list from the Small Publishers Association of America.

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