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Your Writing: Make It Real

by Chris Stewart

(Warning: Some of you are going to hate these ideas. Too bad for you!)

So, we all write because we love writing, and if we were never published, we'd still do it because we have to. We can't do without it. Right? Right? (Hint: the correct answer is ‘yes.’)

Even so, it’s hard not to feel like one is falling behind. Not doing enough. Not publishing enough poems or attending the right conference or keeping to the right writing practice. Sometimes half of your brain is focusing on your writing, the other half is focusing on this go-go-go, more-more-more, better-better-better idea.

The latter half can really stifle the good things coming It's draining, isn't it? As long as you allow it to, it pulls away a percentage of your consciousness and energy that are always at work (uselessly, most of the time, I might add) on this problem, and could be better used elsewhere. your writing?

We've all heard about how we need to live in the present, how t…

Novel May Be More Fact than Fiction

Anthony S. Policastro

I just received an email from Dirck Storm, who confirmed that journalist Vic Livingston from Philadelphia, has in fact been harassed by some of the technologies I mention in my novel, Dark End of the Spectrum.

What's intriguing about his email are the links at the end. One site has information I read about five years ago during the initial research for Dark End of the Spectrum about how the Russians turned a conventional microwave oven into a deadly weapon. I included this information in one of the chapters of the book where one of the main characters tells how his wife died of cancer caused by this heinous weapon.

While this information is eye opening, I used it in my book for dramatic purposes and sort of half believed it. Now, it appears it may have been true.

Here's Mr. Storm's email and make sure you read my earlier post about Vic Livingston and how he says he has lived and breathed the dark end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

"Dear Mr. Policas…