Love For Wits - A Social/Dating Site for Intelligent People, Including Writers!

Just a note to our followers and fans about a new dating site for writers, professionals, artists, teachers, media types, filmmakers, IT execs, actors, etc. etc. that we stumbled upon at Stumble Upon. What the hell you say? Are we kidding? No. For those of you on the love market (even writers need love, yes?), this Love For Wits place is actually rather cool. Their opening line is, "Yes, there is intelligent life on Earth, and it's searching for other intelligent life" ... followed shortly by, "No more inane blather, boring dates, blank stares, or windmill giants." No more "windmill giants" must be a reference to Don Quixote?

The fact that anyone would conceive of designing a dating site for writers, artists, and other "wits" is something new in the net cosmos. Not only is it not just another stupid dating site, it flashes with the most useful of Facebook features, a clean look, a sense of humor, plus films, unique cultural blog feeds (including Ron Hogan's Beatrice feed for book reviews), and an origin story (that includes "Festivus") to die for. 

Even if you don't join, or you aren't in the market, the Love For Wits video/film digest alone is worth a look ("Vids" link, top left of page once you click on the Origin Story).