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What We Can Learn From the Success of Sh*t My Dad Says

By Chris Stewart
I'm always running from trends, so while I initially enjoyed Justin's posts on Twitter (I lurked a bit once I heard about it - I don't tweet and personally hope the practice dies a quick death soon, once people overload on being too visible and having too many devices and sites to check in with), it quickly grew old and I dropped the practice of checking it once in a while.

Clearly, however, millions of people are loving it still, and buying the hardcover book as well as downloading it on Kindle, because I received this happy little news item in one of the (too) many newsletters I subscribe to (Media Bistro):
"Sh*t My Dad Says is the 377th most highlighted book on Kindle, loaded with foul-mouthed quotes from blogger Justin Halpern and cursing parents. This profane title has dominated the NY Times' nonfiction hardcover bestseller list for weeks."
Maybe some of you love this book so much you sleep with it or your Kindle under your pillow so you ca…