The God of Social Media Approves Our Evolution - Algonkian Goes "Viral"

by Michael Neff

Algonkian has recently undertaken a mission to go viral with the social media tropes of the day. We established a presence on Facebook, of course, and it's rather attractive (as if that matters--it does) and functional (links to worthwhile info for writers). FB, as everyone knows, is a must for credibility these days, and though I had to be dragged into it, I finally gave in and accepted the judgment. Am I sorry?  Not yet.  Then of course, there is the incessant drone of Twitter.Com. I was even more reluctant to engage in bouts of tweeting every week, but the prevailing tribal vibe lured me into it.  Could I have resisted?  Of course, but would it have been worth the resistance?  I can't tell yet. 

Next, and don't hang me for this one, we even joined SQUIDOO.  Yes, it's rather silly, with squids and all, however, the interface for including all types of video, lists, blog rss, and info is top of the line.  If you can just ignore the undersea marketing fluff, you're doing something worthwhile.  Let's hope other people think so. And I did zap those horribly annoying "infolink" adverts in the text--you know, the ones that are green and underlined and when you mouseover them you get a BS pop-up window with an advert that has nothing to do with your purpose in life?

And what is in the future?  Yelp?  Digg?  Wet Paint?  Is it all necessary?  God, I hope not. We would all rather focus on what we're good at: working with writers.  From Social Media Today:
Community is the catchphrase which is connected to the Internet ... 41 percent of users trust the information published on Facebook, and if posted by a friend, the trust level grows to 64%.  Social media is really all about building relationships.
Okay, so there it is. If we can get 64% of people to trust us on Facebook we're building relationships.  But when will real life make a difference?

Maybe a money back guarantee would be better?

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  1. Yeah. That's it. Jump on in and join the crowd. Seems that he name of the game is to socially promote nowadays. Beware of the time suck issue though and don't worry about stepping away from time to time. It'll go on with or without you and you'd be amazed how much you didn't miss when your away from it every once and awhile. That said...what am I doing now?