Michael Neff Loses it At Algonkian Novel Workshop

Yes, that's him. Michael Neff. And where is he? In the AEI Films and Books office in LA? Yes, that's it. He was holding a workshop there, attempting to talk a few genre writers into analyzing screenplays before rewriting their novels. So why does he look crazed? He's rejecting a bad manuscript, or maybe a bad film pitch. That's what he's doing. A pitch too far, and now, he's lost it. He tried to be patient, but it didn't work. The writer was a narcissist, a flipping ego maniac, thus escorting Neff to the brink, to the point where he actually resembled the Cage man himself.

Look at him! What is he saying?

"I'm sorry, Alva, it's just too late. Too late to add a plot line with a cliffhanger. It's all TOO LATE!!!"

To which the now terrified writer replies: "I'm sorry, Mr. Neff, I'll search passionately for a plot, and premise first, yes ... a premise that will sell, and--"


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  1. Ohhhh, Neff is on the Writer's EDGE!!!

    Such a teddy bear. Thank you for all you've done for me. I am a published author with a major house, mostly because of you.


  2. Hey Michael,

    You just need a litte Jesus in your life. Bless you my son.


  3. LOL. Better get several good bottles of whiskey before you enter the hellish den of back to back power pitch sessions. Of course, you'll probably be mobbed by fans wanting Cage's autograph. By the second day, I doubt anyone will be able to distinguish the difference!

  4. Neff losing it? Perish the thought. After dealing with an endless line of aspiring authors - each one more confused & crazy than the last - can you blame him for essentially "getting to the point" in his own imicable way? (Yes, Michael, I know that sentence was too long...)