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An Interview with Lee Ann Ward, Author of DEVIL'S BAY

The Writer's Edge will periodically interview writers looking for a new novel breakout opportunity.  Our first author in this series, Lee Ann Ward, is an award winning author in the romance genre and now hopes to be a rising star on the women's suspense and thriller novel scene. She is also a former editor for Champagne Books.
Log line for Devil's Bay:Known in years past as a courageous whistleblower who exposed billions in corporate corruption during the Iraq War, a high school teacher living a new life in small town USA finds her reputation smeared and her loved ones threatened after the corporate CEO she sent to prison begins to enact her merciless revenge.

WE: So what made you decide to take a break from romance and move into thriller fiction with Devil's Bay?

LAW: I was looking to write something different for a change, plus I'd heard the genre was a hot one for writers, but most importantly, the concept of a female version of Cape Fear was too good to pass up. T…

Timeless and Valuable - Editor's Rejection Bullets

Betsy Mitchell at Del Rey, imprint of Random House, was inspired to look at the numbers and reasons she rejected the manuscripts submitted to her.  Betsy’s tally starts with March of 2009 and runs to the end of the year.  During that time she passed on 133 manuscripts.  I found it very interesting.  Just remember not to let it get you down.

Here is her list of reasons why:

Not what Del Rey is looking for (meaning we had enough on our list already of whatever subgenre was on offer): 22A good manuscript but not right for our list (included a couple of nonfiction SF-related titles more suitable for a small press, the odd children’s book, etc.) 14Not a genre that’s doing well right now (horror, mostly; some foreign novels being offered for translation, anthologies whose concepts weren’t strong enough) 18Simply not good enough (a combination of mediocre writing and/or storytelling) 43Contains major plot flaws (the story was too predictable, or the author made a choice I didn’t agree with…